Let’s discuss Apple’s product line for a moment. Anyone who has watched a Jobs’ documentary or read about his history knows how much he loved innovation.

The problem I see with Apple today is complacency, and rightfully so, they are worth hundreds of billions more than any other company on globe. But do the consumers not deserve more than “complacent innovation”? Don’t the loyal Appleites deserve more than just a different sized touch screen and minor feature additions like software updates. Oooh Ahhh, said no one.

If you can’t create a HoloGram quite yet and you haven’t perfected the invisibility cloak, at least get creative with the technology we’ve been buying for years. Put projectors on laptops and make presentations a breeze. Heck, put touchscreens on the Macbook for awesomeness and by golly let the screen swivel. For that matter have one screen for a keyboard and one for a viewport. When you swivel the viewport screen have it be mirrored on the keyboard screen. Show the person across the table what you are working on with ease. Also! Transparent tech, don’t say that it can’t happen. Make it happen, along with flexible tech. Why is Samsung out innovating the no. 1 product supplier in the world? Take chances, reap the rewards.