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The Reversal of Trickle Down Politics

It used to be that the large majority of the electorate shared several qualities. They were well informed, well educated, successful, independent, intelligent and able. These people, these voters were trusted with honest and accurate information that empowered them to form their own opinions on individual issues without needing to rely on the key words "Democrat," or "Republican" to help them fill in the right circle on a voting ballot. These people then influenced the people they knew by spreading this information and providing additional insight and context through conversation and by answering questions. Now we ask Google everything and every result we are fed is one-sided and more toxic than what we searched for in the first place.

Things changed surprisingly quickly. The well informed, well educated, successful, independent, intelligent and able electorate became watered down with misinformed, entitled, susceptible and inexperienced voters (new age chums). Suddenly, when everyone was "informed" directly, the information changed. It became a contest to capture the most chums as possible, as quickly as possible. After they were captured they were "initiated" and over time they were subtly intimidated out of thinking for themselves by seeing people they know (or know of) being publicly chastised for having and voicing a view other than the acceptable narrative.

How did this happen so quickly? A perfect storm of change happened in the early 2010's when three things collided:

  1. Technology provided us direct, minute by minute access to (eventual mis-)information.

  2. Social media provided a way for this information to more quickly and effectively infect us from more trusted sources (our friends).

  3. Power hungry and corrupt politicians recognized this.

When corrupt politicians realized they had an easy new way to influence a huge group of unclaimed people (territory as they see it) - they seized the opportunity.

This brainwashing started out subtly with mostly honest but still biased information being fed to the masses. New age chums were brainwashed, but it wasn't enough. Things dramatically changed when the results were not satisfactory to the hungriest of the hippo's.

The news we were fed started to become more dramatic. Inaccurate click-bait headlines dominated the media and these new age chums were now "activated." These susceptible new age chums were fed troves of misinformation - some of which fed into the newly expanded entitlement culture through promises of a "better tomorrow" when our today was already flourishing.

It's like if one day you woke up and everywhere you looked there were inaccurate but believable smear campaigns against Labrador Retrievers. Eventually you would start to believe that Labs were terrible animals when in reality a group of rogue Golden Retrievers paid German Shepherds to destroy Labs because Golden Retrievers weren't voted America's #1 dog.

Something else to consider is the fact that if you speak up against this brainwashing, or otherwise present as a threat to the endorsed narrative, you are almost immediately "canceled," with your career and reputation publicly destroyed. This suppression and intimidation is an extremely powerful weapon. What is really concerning is not knowing why politicians and the media crave this power so much. They don't care about us, or else they would be working together with the other side instead of weighing us down with confusion. They don't care about us. They care about power.

After all of this happening, we're left with so much chaos to sift through, so many deeply engrained lies to research and invalidate, it is hard to know who to trust and I am afraid it will only get worse. The political system in America has essentially been reduced to rubble and is being held hostage by the most corrupt politicians who - if they're not elected - will completely tear us apart.

Stop drinking the kool-aid. Think for yourself. See through the chaos. The online world is not an accurate reflection of the real world.

Stop Over Caring

The media feeds us the news that they deem "important," which is another way of saying they feed us stories that help them push along their agenda and strengthen the power they have over their base.

Over the past 15 years, we have become a superficially politically correct society. We have somehow been guilted into taking every issue to heart - even if we don't actually care deep down. What is worse is that the media now has the power to publicly shame and cancel people who openly disagree with their propaganda. Our ability to openly think for ourselves - safely - has been taken away from us.

Freedom of speech begins with freedom of thought.

The solution? Stop over caring! Honestly. How has it served our society to protect people who have been hit by blimps and bitten by sharks in the same year - when they haven't even asked for support or to be used as a temporarily trending national headline? Did you ever stop to think that they don't want or need extra attention?

Sure, there are issues to pay attention to and to support: BLM, education, womens equality and gay rights for instance. But beware of becoming a "foot soldier" for the media. You don't work for them and sometimes having healthy debates and informing other people of your honest and personal perspective - when it is appropriately brought up in the conversation is the best way to support a cause, educate others and learn from others.

The media doesn't exist to spread newsworthy news - they exist to get link clicks and evoke a response that keeps us coming back for more drama.

Not everything has to be "all or nothing" and why is it necessary to care about 100 issues when only 10 of them effect people you actually know first hand and in the 90's we only cared about 2 or 3? How clean would your house be if you tried to mop, vacuum, dust, do the dishes, do the laundry and take out the trash all at the same time? Most of the time it is best to focus your effort on one task until it is complete.

There will always be social issues of the day that need to be driven forward. But the media has learned that they can use social issues as a way to weaken their follower's ability to think for themselves and make their followers more reliant on them because it is easier for people to regurgitate information they have heard than it is to think for theirself - and the media exploits this in a very unhealthy way.

It's sad that our society no longer has individual, unique perspectives - that we have been successfully divided into two uniform "perspectives" that we are allowed to support "comfortably." We shouldn't have to fear that we'll be "canceled" 20 years from now because of a Tweet we made today about how obnoxious people with loud mufflers are.

Question the media. Question their motives. Question "reality." Think for yourself.

Here You Go: A Conspiracy

I think every 30 years or so we, the people, are presented with society stretching events - events that test how much we as a collective unit buy into what the government and the media feeds us and how much influence and power we have as a society in questioning our leaders. In the past these events, these tests have been more contained to individual countries. The leaders during these trying times benefit from testing their people because it helps them prepare for the future. It helps them keep the people contained and learn more about what they can and cannot get away with and possibly in what order. Essentially these events are response tests. How will we respond, what is too much, and what will it take for us all to band together and successfully "overthrow" the organizations behind the tests who likely don't have our best interests in mind?

What is different now, is that we have the internet and more specifically we have social media. This is a tool that our world leaders likely fear because it helps us all band together. I mean just look at how much the leader(s) of China control their population by restricting the websites and apps their people have access to. China is on the more severe end of the spectrum where the United States is closer to the middle.

Given that this new tool (social media) is so powerful to the common man - for better or for worse - it makes sense that old world powers would be scared and would feel the need to collect data on how powerful of a tool it is currently and what it's potential is in the future.

When your only source of news is watching CNN or FOX, you are easy to control, influence and manipulate. A problem starts when you begin to think for yourself. An even bigger problem starts when you start to band together and think something other than the defined narrative that's been fed to you by the people in power that really only want to keep the power to themselves.

I have read that Mark Zuckerberg's success with Facebook in the long term is because he pushes the boundaries by taking "five steps forward and one step back." In other words he makes substantial changes to Facebook that can be offensive (increased tracking, more in depth data collection, manipulative ads, to name a few low level examples) and when people get upset with this "progress," Facebook will barely "walk it back" by updating their privacy statement and sending out an email to it's users.

Our world leaders are doing this same thing, but maybe dialed back to three steps forward instead of five - given the larger scale and impact these leaders have on their people versus the influence access to social media has on people.

Eventually our leaders will find more technological scapegoats in order to manipulate and test us on higher levels while taking less of the blame when things go haywire. Think Artificial Intelligence. Now think of "progress" being made by our governments who are really just hiding behind "AI."

This world is becoming an unstable experiment.

People Mining


There are people of interest identified by companies. Most consumers fit into a generic bucket where their data is largely ignored - other than to serve them more relevant advertisements - to get them to buy more products. There are some people, however, that are flagged in special tables or possibly brand new databases.

These companies identify persons of interest by analyzing all of their data. I imagine there is a "sweet spot" range of anomalousness that a person has to be in to be flagged as more "track-worthy" than the average consumer.

These companies have the ability to manipulate these people with even more targeted advertising and other methods on a honed in, micro-scale.


What is the goal? What do the companies hope to gain from analyzing these specifically selected people?

If there were a global election...

How would we possibly vote?

What power would the elected obtain?

What are the most likely term limits?

What are the general responsibilities that come with global governance?

Are other global governing bodies?

Is there a global court system?

Who qualifies to run?

How do we prevent global ruin?

What's the big secret?

What's the big secret? Why do we care so much about so many things that ten years ago didn't even register on our radar? Are we that easily manipulated by the media and the politicians? Yep! But why do they care? Why are they trying to manipulate us so much?

While they directly benefit from pushing a sense of chaos on us because it keeps us tied up and under their control... they also indirectly benefit by sewing division. This is a dangerous problem.

I understand the "divide and conquer" tactic all too well. I know people who use said tactic as their primary method of bonding with others. They sew division between two people so that the divided will in turn bond with the divider. What if there were two "dividers" who were really working together to keep all of the "divided" under their collective control?

Right now politicians and media outlets are doing this very thing, but they have gone into hyperdrive. They are the ones dividing the country so that they can have what they consider ultimate power. I mean seriously, are they all on cocaine?

Their efforts will end in one of two ways - they'll willingly let it all calm down OR there will be a one-sided, misguided revolt which in turn sparks country-wide division that rivals the Civil War.

Our societal problems really boil down the the media that we consume. If politicians did not have a way to manipulate us so effectively through insincere and manipulative PR stunts, speeches and reactions to other politicians - they would lose a significant amount of power.

Why do they care?

What power do they have that we're not seeing? I don't know about you but even if I were in a powerful position where I could easily manipulate the masses and actually wanted to... at some point the effect, the power high would wear off.

So what then are they chasing? What is so hidden and protected by the government that makes them crave power and control so much? What's the big secret? We all die eventually so you can't tell me they're after earthly riches - or else they're just plain stupid (although I'm not ruling that out).

Maybe they can see into the future?

Likely not (but not certainly not) an exact movie quality depiction like in Amazon's "Devs," but maybe they can foresee probability much better than most "forward thinking" organizations? This would make sense if you really think about it...

Why do they care? Because the associated high isn't directly tied to the here and now, but more so in manipulating the future and seeing it come to fruition. The high they are chasing is in creation.

What can they bring into reality? Riots? Protests? Prosperity?

They're likely not concerned with any of those examples. I can't see how they would be directly impacted or would directly benefit. What they are concerned with is the future that those examples spawn, or allow them to spawn.

Our societal stability and underlying public confidence are just tools that people in power can use to steer the country. The more chaos and uncertainty there is, the more vulnerable we are and the more likely it is that we're being manipulated.

Let's all stop consuming the news for two weeks a year. The same two weeks. This small effort would undoubtedly reset our tolerance for manipulation and give more of the power back to the people.

Just thinking out loud.

After thought...

Maybe this is why top global governments are always in some level of conflict. The ability to control the future could mean the ability to "own" or represent the world - eventually.

Maybe that's why Elon Musk is obsessed with Mars? Is he just privy to this competition to represent earth to the universe and has just decided to forfeit it for another floating sphere?

Novel Ideas: May 2020


Invisibility isn't just for cloaks.

Impromptu Video Messages

Think of it like being hacked and all of a sudden your phone can't be used until you view a blasted message, or complete a video call with the hacker.

The Next HUGE Thing

The next huge thing is a tech-neural interface. Smart computers that respond to input like Alexa does but smarter. Not as direct as "write this code," but even more intuitive and intelligent. On twitter while scrolling through your feed and muttering or thinking "only me, only me" because you want to see your profile - this system automatically navigates.

Novel Ideas: April 2020

AI Meditation Music

AI Music that links with your Fitbit Heart Rate to better calm you down / get you to focus.

TV You Can Control

TV shows that let you influence / steer the plot. Like those books you used to read in elementary school.

Personalized Content Streaming

Subscribe to just a few TV shows on a quarterly basis at a fraction of the normal cost.

Washer Dryer Combination Machine

One of our original posts, this machine does both cycles of a full load of laundry in one machine. What's better is the fact that the machine accepts a hamper insert - so you never have to touch dirty laundry again!

Bi-focal Reality

AR or VR available for a small section of your visual field. What's better, if the display can swivel up or down, you can control how much of the virtual screen to use, and when to use it.

Sharable TV, Music Streaming Options

If you're the only person active on one of these shared services, you have complete control. Otherwise the most popularly chosen (sorted with a smart algorithm) episode or song is played next. After your media plays, your next selections carry less weight until your turn comes back around. Groups split the cost of this service equally or based on individual use.

AirBNB for Startup Founders

Find other startups or solo entrepreneurs to co-work with in your (or their) home office. Payment doesn't have be cash, and can include donated services.

Automated, Consistent Tipping

Choose a flat amount (percent) to automatically tip your servers and bartenders.