I was recently asked by an online form (form, not forum) why someone should work for Universally Thinking? My response was simply, "if your dream job consists of being encouraged to think abstractly, to question what is possible and to push the limits of the unfortunate, current state of our creative reality... we may be a perfect fit."

I know there will always be a need for innovation and creativity. The fact is, the current state of our creative reality rests at just a fraction of its potential greatness. We are here to help society realize its ingenious potential.

Collectively we've spent Billions of dollars on "The Next Big Thing" which was just a micro-sized version of a technology that has existed for over 10 years. Yes I am talking about the Smart-Watch. No I do not own one.

It is sad to say, but top Tech Corporations need help innovating. "Innovation" as it stands for Tech Corps is to wait for a startup to grow large enough for it to be a justifiable acquisition.

Instead of this model of what I like to call "Observe and Acquire" why not move on to "Risk and Realize." In other words, why not do what Microsoft (yes I said Microsoft) has done and take a chance on new technology (HoloLens). Of course I could have said (and should have said) Google for it's Glass project as well. Google's Glass 1.0 flopped but they still tried. And yes, I would have purchased one.

How can Universally Thinking help? Simple. We can think like a consumer and think like a startup. I am not going to say that all of our concepts will be huge but, I do believe that any company that currently aims to produce a facade of being a "top innovator" can achieve the more desirable reality of being a top innovator with us on their side.

Consumers can only purchase the same technology for so long before they start going outside and socializing again (look up dopamine). @AllInclusiveTagForTechCompanies Why not start taking chances? Sure they could flop.. but learn from Microsoft and Google.. Even the failed concepts will strengthen your reputation as innovators. The lame duck stops here. Just another Universal Thought.