There's no question about it, we live in a crazy age. An age where nearly anything is possible. I once listened to, and scoffed at a Graduation Speech, delivered by Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting star), where he remarked "what if this is all a simulation?" Before you laugh, honestly and sincerely consider the following.

We live in an age of "fake news," a time of virtual reality, and are witnessing what we're told is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence. All of these things are fun to think about separately (among other "futuristic" technologies), but imagine the possibility of using these technologies together.

Technology has the power to shape our perception of reality.

What if what we're told about the world, about existence, about reality is all one big facade? Not to shelter us, or harm us in any way, but to keep things running smoothly (or, at times, not so much). What if virtual reality applied to our TV screens? What if "fake news" was tailored to each of us? What if Artificially Intelligent CGI existed so that the faces that we all recognize could be made and manipulated to say what we, on an individual level need to hear? Throw Big Data in there and there's no telling what's really possible...

We all know about planned obsolescence... What about planned innovation? For how far into the "future" have companies prepared? Not only that... what agreements these companies have with the other giants in the world (i.e. governmental agencies) when it comes to "classified" technologies.

What if the real problem wasn't preventing nuclear weapons from being created / used, but rather was preventing the existence of light sabers and laser guns from being common knowledge. What if the celebrated "greats" of innovation were just the ones that discovered this alternate (honest) reality and negotiated with the right people to maintain the illusion? What if their job was to plan the release of "The Next Big Thing," which really existed over twenty years ago?

How good are we at concealing our secrets, our most valuable innovations?

There's no question that Bill Gates' reality is different than mine. But how different? How profound of a difference is there between his public life, and his private life? Does he live in the public eye, anticipating the camera flash and the printed photographs, only to go home to take and print pictures with his mind? Take some time to laugh at this dramatic example, but at the same time - consider my point.

How many veils have been pulled over our eyes? And for whom will they be lifted? Is there someone out there who knows for a fact that aliens have visited earth, that time-travel is real, and that we live in a cyclical reality? If there were, all that's needed to keep this person quiet is the possibility of public embarrassment / shaming.

As a society we do not ask "higher level" questions because we've been conditioned not to. We're raised to accept our reality, and to not question it. We barely push the envelope when it comes to the real truth. We ask "was the election rigged," but don't ask whether our President is picked decades in advance by artificially intelligent machines that have existed for over a century (another dramatization).

If you do anything with your time in 2017 - branch out! Ask yourself questions you once considered "crazy," because the truth is - crazy is the new possible. There's no telling what lies ahead - the world is only going to continue on this trend of "innovation" and this is a great way to prepare! In the words of Mythbuster Adam Savage "Reject [their] reality and substitute [your] own."