AI Meditation Music

AI Music that links with your Fitbit Heart Rate to better calm you down / get you to focus.

TV You Can Control

TV shows that let you influence / steer the plot. Like those books you used to read in elementary school.

Personalized Content Streaming

Subscribe to just a few TV shows on a quarterly basis at a fraction of the normal cost.

Washer Dryer Combination Machine

One of our original posts, this machine does both cycles of a full load of laundry in one machine. What's better is the fact that the machine accepts a hamper insert - so you never have to touch dirty laundry again!

Bi-focal Reality

AR or VR available for a small section of your visual field. What's better, if the display can swivel up or down, you can control how much of the virtual screen to use, and when to use it.

Sharable TV, Music Streaming Options

If you're the only person active on one of these shared services, you have complete control. Otherwise the most popularly chosen (sorted with a smart algorithm) episode or song is played next. After your media plays, your next selections carry less weight until your turn comes back around. Groups split the cost of this service equally or based on individual use.

AirBNB for Startup Founders

Find other startups or solo entrepreneurs to co-work with in your (or their) home office. Payment doesn't have be cash, and can include donated services.

Automated, Consistent Tipping

Choose a flat amount (percent) to automatically tip your servers and bartenders.