The media feeds us the news that they deem "important," which is another way of saying they feed us stories that help them push along their agenda and strengthen the power they have over their base.

Over the past 15 years, we have become a superficially politically correct society. We have somehow been guilted into taking every issue to heart - even if we don't actually care deep down. What is worse is that the media now has the power to publicly shame and cancel people who openly disagree with their propaganda. Our ability to openly think for ourselves - safely - has been taken away from us.

Freedom of speech begins with freedom of thought.

The solution? Stop over caring! Honestly. How has it served our society to protect people who have been hit by blimps and bitten by sharks in the same year - when they haven't even asked for support or to be used as a temporarily trending national headline? Did you ever stop to think that they don't want or need extra attention?

Sure, there are issues to pay attention to and to support: BLM, education, womens equality and gay rights for instance. But beware of becoming a "foot soldier" for the media. You don't work for them and sometimes having healthy debates and informing other people of your honest and personal perspective - when it is appropriately brought up in the conversation is the best way to support a cause, educate others and learn from others.

The media doesn't exist to spread newsworthy news - they exist to get link clicks and evoke a response that keeps us coming back for more drama.

Not everything has to be "all or nothing" and why is it necessary to care about 100 issues when only 10 of them effect people you actually know first hand and in the 90's we only cared about 2 or 3? How clean would your house be if you tried to mop, vacuum, dust, do the dishes, do the laundry and take out the trash all at the same time? Most of the time it is best to focus your effort on one task until it is complete.

There will always be social issues of the day that need to be driven forward. But the media has learned that they can use social issues as a way to weaken their follower's ability to think for themselves and make their followers more reliant on them because it is easier for people to regurgitate information they have heard than it is to think for theirself - and the media exploits this in a very unhealthy way.

It's sad that our society no longer has individual, unique perspectives - that we have been successfully divided into two uniform "perspectives" that we are allowed to support "comfortably." We shouldn't have to fear that we'll be "canceled" 20 years from now because of a Tweet we made today about how obnoxious people with loud mufflers are.

Question the media. Question their motives. Question "reality." Think for yourself.