Netflix could use simple algorithms to temporarily download shows you're already watching ahead of time.. They could strike deals with Internet Providers to reduce the overall streaming workload.

As things progress and this algorithm gets more advanced, several more factors could be added in: ideal time to download; ideal day to download; maximum cache size, success rate / user (important to only use this function for users that binge watch, and / or, watch shows from start to finish).

Also, look for Netflix to add badges, or another type of reward system in the future.. if they are not acquired soon.

Selective Listening

This is already (somewhat) being done.. but earbuds should let you tune in and tune out of reality based sounds… Even if you’re not playing anything at the given time. Turn the volume up and down on reality.

Relaxingly Productive

The work station as we know it should be reconsidered. I am much more productive when I am comfortable (i.e. sitting in an overstuffed chair with an ottoman). Sitting in generic chairs, at a desk, with poor posture is a recipe for low productivity.


When you squint, your glasses (or contacts) should automatically zoom in and focus. Obviously they would recalibrate automatically when you open your eyes fully again…


Private research firms that find "undiscovered" talent, and market them and their skills to major players in their respective markets.

Think NFL draft for college aged nerds.