It's kind of an odd thought, having miraculous feats of "innovation" slowly released to us. I suppose the slower the rate these advancements are released to the public, the more corresponding industries can benefit (i.e. "sci-fi films").

The (honest) truth is, there is an Elon Musk available today for every industry we can imagine. Whether or not these Muskonians have been "discovered" is a mystery to me, but we are more than equipped to advance our reality more quickly than it's current crawl than we might think. The real question is "what are we afraid of?"

If we're afraid of artificially intelligent machines taking over our globe... why not deploy them on Mars first (notice I didn't suggest moving the human race to Mars, we still have time). Otherwise I can't think of a dog-gone thing to fear...

It's easy to sit in a seat and ask why I don't forecast more trends...

The reality is, if I, as an individual were exposed to the most advanced technology in the world, we, as a species would cross into realms most of us have never dreamt of.

I brought you the the iPhone, the Smart-Watch, and the AirPods, without anything more than a Palm Pilot, an iPhone, and a pair of headphones. It's time to introduce me to the "latest and greatest."

If you doubt me... please contact me for details. I would be more than happy to explain.