What's the big secret? Why do we care so much about so many things that ten years ago didn't even register on our radar? Are we that easily manipulated by the media and the politicians? Yep! But why do they care? Why are they trying to manipulate us so much?

While they directly benefit from pushing a sense of chaos on us because it keeps us tied up and under their control... they also indirectly benefit by sewing division. This is a dangerous problem.

I understand the "divide and conquer" tactic all too well. I know people who use said tactic as their primary method of bonding with others. They sew division between two people so that the divided will in turn bond with the divider. What if there were two "dividers" who were really working together to keep all of the "divided" under their collective control?

Right now politicians and media outlets are doing this very thing, but they have gone into hyperdrive. They are the ones dividing the country so that they can have what they consider ultimate power. I mean seriously, are they all on cocaine?

Their efforts will end in one of two ways - they'll willingly let it all calm down OR there will be a one-sided, misguided revolt which in turn sparks country-wide division that rivals the Civil War.

Our societal problems really boil down the the media that we consume. If politicians did not have a way to manipulate us so effectively through insincere and manipulative PR stunts, speeches and reactions to other politicians - they would lose a significant amount of power.

Why do they care?

What power do they have that we're not seeing? I don't know about you but even if I were in a powerful position where I could easily manipulate the masses and actually wanted to... at some point the effect, the power high would wear off.

So what then are they chasing? What is so hidden and protected by the government that makes them crave power and control so much? What's the big secret? We all die eventually so you can't tell me they're after earthly riches - or else they're just plain stupid (although I'm not ruling that out).

Maybe they can see into the future?

Likely not (but not certainly not) an exact movie quality depiction like in Amazon's "Devs," but maybe they can foresee probability much better than most "forward thinking" organizations? This would make sense if you really think about it...

Why do they care? Because the associated high isn't directly tied to the here and now, but more so in manipulating the future and seeing it come to fruition. The high they are chasing is in creation.

What can they bring into reality? Riots? Protests? Prosperity?

They're likely not concerned with any of those examples. I can't see how they would be directly impacted or would directly benefit. What they are concerned with is the future that those examples spawn, or allow them to spawn.

Our societal stability and underlying public confidence are just tools that people in power can use to steer the country. The more chaos and uncertainty there is, the more vulnerable we are and the more likely it is that we're being manipulated.

Let's all stop consuming the news for two weeks a year. The same two weeks. This small effort would undoubtedly reset our tolerance for manipulation and give more of the power back to the people.

Just thinking out loud.

After thought...

Maybe this is why top global governments are always in some level of conflict. The ability to control the future could mean the ability to "own" or represent the world - eventually.

Maybe that's why Elon Musk is obsessed with Mars? Is he just privy to this competition to represent earth to the universe and has just decided to forfeit it for another floating sphere?