Do you ever wonder how you used to think when you were young? Most of us can acknowledge that we, as human beings are at the peak of our creative expression when we are young - but how different is our mindset? How different did we look at the stars when we were six (for instance) compared to how we look at them now (mid-twenties and on)?

Our entire way of thinking is slowly constricted with time.

The point of this "article" is not to reveal the obvious (thank you, captain), but rather to ask the obscure. Do you ever wonder?

What if we awoke every day to a different reality? Different memories, different languages, different colors? Would that change how you live your life today? What if anything truly were possible?

What's the "craziest" thing you've ever thought?

I ask because "crazy" could become the new "normal." People that think outside the box could be, and have been considered in one of two lights - either off the wall bonkers, or out of this world smart. Either that, or you're just a dull non-thinker.

The defining line is success. That is not to say that if you start thinking "crazy," you'll become an internet Billionaire - I'm not sure it works that way (otherwise... loophole!). However, with a good mix of "crazy" in your current diet of rational thought and tedium could help you climb the ladder, or discover new ladders you never knew were there.

My favorite poster

Thinking Different is like growing a beard... you'll undoubtedly go through an awkward phase.

The title of this post is "Do you ever wonder?", which is meant to ask just that and nothing more.

When is the last time you sat down, and dreamt about alternative realities, or you imagined new creatures? When did you last stare in wonder at the stars (the open universe), just to put things into perspective? Take a breath - take a moment to slow down and forget about our earthly existence. Take some time to ponder the grand scheme of things. We have one earthly life to live, let it not go to waste!

"Can't stop the spirits when they need you, this life is more than just a read-through."

- Red Hot Chili Peppers / Can't Stop